1How do I get to the Villas?
A member of staff will greet you at the airport and drive you to the Villas. On the way your driver will stop at the supermarket so you may buy food, drinks and snacks if you like.
2Are there shops and restaurants near the Villas?
The supermarket is approx. 15 minutes rom the Villas so you don’t need to buy a full week of supplies at a time. There are several resturants either to the east or to the west of the Villas. A car is included in you rental price.
3What are the bugs like?
Roatan is a tropical island so it has mosquitoes and sand flies. They are mostly active at dusk and dawn and in damp places. Each villa has a supply of repellent for you to use.
4Where is the closest beach?
The Villas are situated on a bluff overlooking the sea. We have two docks so you can easily access the water for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Paya Bay beach is approx 20 minutes to the east. Camp Bay beach is about 30 minutes east. West Bay Tourist beach is about one hour to the west.
5What should I pack?
As little as possible; swimsuit, shorts, tee shirts. A polo type shirt for Golf or the better restaurants. Bring your Passport (good for 6 months) and Scuba certification card. Bring a debit card and plan to use it whenever possible, keep in mind that many places can only take cash, including a la carte services at the Villas. Checks, travelers checks, non-US cash and some credit cards are not accepted on island. Bring your medicines, and any foods for specific diatary needs.
6Are kids welcome at the Villas?
Absolutely. They will have a swimming pool, a dock for snorkling, and launching kayaks and lots of secure outdoor play space complete with dogs and cats. They will want to take a boat trip, try scuba diving, jungle canopy and mangrove tour. Of course they will have to do Pizza night. Please note that you will need to supervise yor kids at all times especially around the water.
7What activities are there for adults?
Take a massage or one of the many services offered by our full service spa. Play a round of golf; take advantage of our corporate membership. Have our chauffer take you on an island sight seeing trip, charter our boat for a day on the water. enjoy a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, buy some souvenirs at the gift shop or take a day trip to the west end of the island and visit the tourist spots. And number one…Relax!