Palapa Pizza

This type of Volcano shaped wood burning oven is still used in many parts of Honduras. Only carefully selected hardwoods are used to ensure the absolute best flavor. The staff will create pizzas for you or you can make you own pizza with your choice of toppings

The staff builds and tends the wood fire, prepares the pizza dough, prepares the toppings, and creates the pizzas. The staff will then take the pizzas to the oven where Jessica will supervise the baking. As part of the fun guests can create their own pizzas and watch the oven in action. Hot slices can be enjoyed straight from the oven or the staff will serve them at your dinner table. Table setting and clean up are included in the price.



The outdoor pizza oven is shared by all three villas; each having private access.

The charge is $10 per large pizza (labor only).

Guests are responsible for the cost of the food.